mars men, venus women


this is the reality we live in
we’re stuck here
bound to do this dance
while trying not to get our feet stepped on
destined to play silly games
only for us to get tired after losing
fated to read the mind of the other

we’re just victims of each other’s fears
of our own insecurities
never honest
always hesitant
forever lost


ok to end.


it would be better if you just spit it out
tell me what we both already know

we could go on living our lives
and i dont get to feel

that there’s a door left ajar
something is left unspoken

that there’s something wrong with me
that i’m not good enough
or pretty enough
or smart enough

because i know i am

you just don’t like me the way that i like you
and there’s nothing more to it

what we are now

it’s unnerving how ignoring you comes naturally now
is this what we’ve come to?

why won’t you talk to me?
why are you here?
why am I here?
what are we all doing?

the light from the lamp post behind you
hides your eyes
your face
and I won’t ever know
if you ever looked at me that night

and we wait
for another year