Friday’s 10 Happy Things Vol. 10

(since I haven’t done this for quite some time, this list also includes stuff that made me happy during the past month!)

1. Hair change! I went from ash blonde (which was bordering on icky rusty yellow) to purple on New Year’s Eve! The purple’s all faded now and my hair’s now dancing between orange to pink. But the initial result is just so pretty!


I’m planning on coloring my hair blue and purple next! Hopefully, it’ll work out just fine. I haven’t made a hair decision that I’ve regretted yet so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll stay that way.

2. New workplace! Although the transfer itself didn’t happen in the happiest of circumstances, I can finally consider this as a good kind of change after two weeks into training. There’s a Jollibee on the ground floor which is open for 24 hours so what more can I ask for?!?!? Also, more on the plus side: I rarely get the urge to take a cab to and from work since I don’t have to cross footbridges as long as the ones in Commonwealth. That means more dollaz saved!!

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Tigilan Mo Ko, Masaket Puson Ko Ngayon – A Playlist

Nothing beats the feeling of waking up in your bed only to find out it can pass off as a crime scene. Here are thirteen songs you can blast around your house or in your ear when it’s that time of the month. I know, thirteen??? I think I got a bit carried away with this one but, hey, blood is coming out of your vagina. You deserve a treat.

Tigilan Mo Ko, Masaket Puson Ko Ngayon


Since Taylor Swift’s songs aren’t on Spotify, I’m missing the first track (again!) You can download this playlist here by clicking on this link!

Friday’s 10 Happy Things Vol. 09

Haven’t been doing Friday’s 10 Happy Things (or blogging, in general) because of life and responsibilities and other boring stuff. I also wasn’t feeling very happy for reasons unknown (overthinking?!?!?) but all is good now!

Creating this list has been easy so that must mean that I’m back to my normal happy self. YAY SELF???

1. My new hair!!!!! I’ve been planning on going for ash blonde for quite some time now and since I had to impersonate Taylor Swift for work, I decided now’s the right time. I went to a professional this time since I don’t want to ruin my hair. I don’t trust myself with bleaching my entire hair. The people at TopCut were really nice and accommodating. Here’s how it looks like:


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How To Not Be A Shitty Child (In Four Easy Ways)

I took a break from my Friday’s 10 Happy Things and The Sunday Currently since I was too busy with helping my siblings get ready for school. Why are school uniforms so damn expensive?!

It’s been almost two months of my unwanted adulthood and I’ve realized a whole lot about myself and parenting. I’m writing this because I’m here to tell everyone to be not shitty children. I know your parents love you unconditionally and they would never admit (out loud) that they have a shitty child but, come on, you have to admit that you do some things to be purposefully annoying, right? Don’t deny it. I’ve been there before and I’m telling you to stop. Reserve this kind of behavior to your frenemies. Here are four things you should do to become an okay child.

1. Do your chores when you’re told to.

I don’t care if you’re in college already and you think chores are beneath you. Listen, your parents work 8-9 hours a day just to make sure you’ve got the basic necessities such as food, shelter, and Internet. Also, if they’re normal people, they probably hate their jobs at least 60% of the time but they stay anyway because then what would happen to you? And then, they get home, and see that your fucking room is still untidy? The living room floor is still collecting dust?

Let me tell you that it’s taking all of their power to not break down in frustration and beg you to do your part in keeping the house clean. It won’t shave off too much of your precious time.

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