Media Consumption: Reading Resurrected!

After promising myself over and over again to start reading again, I’ve finally managed to do it! I managed to read David Levithan‘s How They Met and Other Stories, Koushun Takami‘s Battle Royale, No Filter, and J.K. Rowling‘s three new “books” (if you could call it that). 


How They Met and Other Stories.
David Levithan

“Okay siya, since short stories so at least we get to feel a sense of accomplishment slowly imbes na novel, which would take a longer time, di ba? Tsaka at least medyo light kasi love and shit” I reasoned with Zy, trying to convince her to buy it. I didn’t have to try too hard though since she wanted to start reading again as well. Yay!

Turns out, I’m a (way much) faster reader than Zy because I managed to finish the book in just a day (having no internet connection does have its perks??). Although, to be fair, she sleeps a whole lot compared to me so that’s one factor to be taken into consideration. Haha.

Stories that stood out were The Escalator, A Love Story (Zy commented that the story reminded her of how I usually write–a fleeting moment that’s dissected per second to the very last detail–and maybe that’s why I liked it so much); The Number of People of Who Meet On Airplanes (This was easily my favorite. Just the right amount of cheesy and romance); Flirting with Waiters (Stories about first loves are hard not to like); and Breaking and Entering (definitely the saddest one out of the book, this made me shed a few tears while reading–something that hasn’t happened for a while.)

Battle Royale
Koushun Takami

For those who haven’t heard of this thriller novel, it’s about how the Japanese government (now known as the Republic of Greater East Asia) forces one class of high school students to kill each other until there’s only one survivor. Each student will be given a weapon (some useful like a machine gun, and some are a complete joke e.g. a fork) and if there’s no winner after a certain number of hours, all of them will die via the bomb that’s attached to the metal neck collars that they have.

Some students refused to fight, others resorted to fighting for survival purposes while others really got into the game. I’ve seen the film since I was curious if it really were like The Hunger Games (hindi naman, OA lang mga tao lol) and it was okay. The book, on the other hand, was addictive. It’s a bit hard to follow due to a lot of Japanese names but after a while you get used to it. (This shouldn’t have been a problem if I had an anime phase. Why is it that I never got into anime???) The narrative shifts point of views every so often which is a great way to find out what are the characters motives behind their actions. The ending was thought provoking, and the feeling it gave me was very reminiscent of what George Orwell’s 1984 did to me.

No Filter

I was one of those unfortunate people who didn’t get to watch The Sandbox Collective’s play so I was so excited when I found out they’ve come out with a book with the monologues performed plus a few new ones as well. Some pieces were a bit bitin. (The good kind, where you want more.) I guess watching the monologues being performed live really is a different experience rather than reading it from a book. The Interview, About Last Night, Intimacy, I Sucked When I Was Happy (super relatable!), and Wander Lost are my favorites.

Power, Politics And Pesky Poltergeists, Heroism, Hardship and Dangerous Hobbies, and Hogwarts: An Incomplete and Unreliable Guide
J.K. Rowling

I finished all three during one of my shifts since we don’t do a whole lot while we’re on training. All of the books offers more information of the backstories of characters like The Sorting Hat, Trelawney, Slughorn, Peeves, etc. McGonagall’s was my favorite! Most of these were already released in Pottermore but you would need to go through the books first on the website to get access to there stories. At least, that’s how I remember Pottermore works.

Side Story: I also managed to re-read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and also a bit of Chamber of Secrets and Goblet of Fire. Zy just got into Harry Potter lately (I KNOW RIGHT??!?!? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?????) and I’ve been re-reading it as well so I can berate her with questions about how she liked the book. We’re also watching the films after every book she’s finished. She’s now halfway through Prisoner of Azkaban (MY FAVORITE) and it’s taking a lot of willpower to not go off and explain everything to her.

Zy signed up for Pottermore to get herself sorted and got into Slytherin. She also got a wand a everything now. When I tried to show off what house I got into (Ravenclaw, duh) and my wand, that’s when I learned that beta users would need to register for a new account and then reclaim their house and wand to get it back. (?!??!!!)

Maybe it was the Potter fan in me, and my unwavering faith in the Sorting Hat, that I decided to just get myself sorted again. Sort of a test if I really should be in Ravenclaw. And to my horror, I got sorted into Slytherin! No offense to my Slytherin friends (I have a lot), pero BAKET NAMAN GANUN MA’AM?????? I figured it’s because the questions have been changed (wala na yung choose three objects from the chest keme) that’s why the results are different. Ughhhh, I’ll always be a Ravenclaw in my heart!

Wow, it’s amazing how Harry Potter can still evoke so much feelings from me.

So that’s it! With fingers crossed, I’ll still maintain this resurrected habit even if we now just had Internet hooked up. How about you guys? Any book recommendations you’d like to make? I’ll try to look them up and read ’em!


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