Friday’s 10 Happy Things Vol. 11

1. Chunky peanut butter sandwiches that satisfy my hunger whenever I’m rewatching Masterchef, Top Chef, or torturing myself by lingering at Buzzfeed’s Tasty Facebook page.

2. Marathoning Inside Amy Schumer last month. It’s surprisingly really funny. I kind of just don’t like Amy’s face, that’s why it took this long for me to watch it but it’s hilarious and definitely recommendable. My favorite sketches so far have been the Abusive Couple, and Girl Compliments. Her stand-up stuff’s really good too!

3. Getting back to Modern Family after years of not watching it anymore. Modern Family always makes me cry whenever it’s about daddy stuff but thankfully I’ve only cried once and I’m now halfway through the sixth season.

4. The upcoming Love You To Death by Tegan and Sara. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEW ALBUM!!! If Boyfriend and U-turn are just samples of what the entire album is like then I know that this album will be crazy just-ruin-my-life-again good.

5. Colored my hair green last month! Used Manic Panic’s Siren’s Song and was shocked that I already went through half of its contents. Then, I realized I didn’t have shoulder length hair anymore, duh. I’ve actually just bleached it again because my roots are now ugly. Will post photos of my new hair soon! (as if my pake kayo but yay) In the meantime, here’s a selfie of me with green hair:


6. I got my social life back a few weeks ago! Went to UP Cineastes’ Haute Auteur and Satchmi’s Vinyl Day. WOAHHHHH A LIFE OUTSIDE WORK OH YEAH

7. New music! Currently looping Ang Bandang Shirley’s Umaapaw, Drake’s Too Good, Moonwlk’s Your Electric Kiss Is Always Late, The 1975’s Change of Heart and This Must Be My Dream (I KNOW I HATED THEM BEFORE BUT I’VE HAD A *wait for it* CHANGE OF HEART ba-dum-tss)

BTW, nakakafragile ng malala yung Umaapaw.

8. Glad that the elections are over. I’m pleased that lots of people are now more interested, more engaged, and has a say on the future of Philippines but it’s just so exhausting to see people so misinformed about things. Hay. Kapagod na rin mag-start ng healthy discussion kung marumi naman mga sagot sa iyo hayyayayayay. Maybe Alma Moreno had it right: Dasal. Dasal lang talaga.

9. Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley is back! I’m happy that Silicon Valley seems to be successfully sustaining the groove they managed to get during their past two seasons. Hoping the third one doesn’t disappoint!

10. (Still) struggling to get back to reading but at least I still have an effort to do this?? I haven’t made any progress on So Sad Today. Will aim to finish at least five more essays this weekend. I need to feed my brain!


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