this must be my dream

Of course, you were here.

oh my god why did you say hi DAPAT I-HU U MO SIYA SHUNGA

Now that he’s here in front of her, saying hi and being friendly was her first instinct. The fact that she’s been trying to deny, ignore, and push down inside of her just bubbled over like hot lava from a volcano.

She missed him.

wow ‘uy’ lang geh sige bye

He was wearing a black shirt and skinny jeans along with the stupid cap he always wears.
shit buti na lang maganda ako tonight mwahaHAHAHAH

“‘Di na emo-kid aesthetic mo ngayon ah. You have learned,” She grinned.

He smiled shyly and shrugged.
tangina mo ka sige pa-cute ka pa diyan sasaksakin kita

“What’s your ticket?” he asked.

And it’s probably because she missed him or just really, really, stupid, but instead of answering, she grabbed his hand to examine his ticket.

“Parehas tayo!”

He looked at her and gave me a small smile. The twinkle in his reminded her of the time he was sitting next to her as she filled the air with incessant chatter and they stuff themselves with chicken wings. He looked so interested. In hindsight, he probably was just very eager to get her to bed that night. Feigning interest is easy, she told herself. It isn’t that hard.

“What? Are you with someone?”
ano bang tanong yan ha ano ineexpect mong sagot


She let out a small laugh and rolled her eyes to avoid his. What are you playing at?

ano na naman balak mo puta ka
ha puta tangina ano na beh????????

ANO NA????


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