The Sunday Currently Vol. 09

The Sunday Currently…

R E A D I N G Melissa Broder’s Personal Essays aka So Sad Today. In the middle of the third essay so far it’s been good.

L O O K I N G to watch the recent season of Australia’s MasterChef

P L A N N I N G to spend the night with my mom and watch the tagalized version of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. My mom weirdly loves things like these.

L I S T E N I N G to the recent album of The 1975. Current favorite song is This Must Be My Dream, Paris, and A Change of Heart. I also don’t know if I like or hate Halsey’s cover of The Sound. Bat pa kasi may Kesha sa dulo??

In fact, I’m really confused if I like her or not.

E A T I N G pancit canton. Parang tumabang nung naging mas malaki no?

C R A V I N G for tofu from UP’s kiosks.

T R Y I N G to appreciate Beyonce’s Lemonade. It seems like such a sad and serious record. Wowwww dami alam

C R A M M I N G my research on which senators to vote for.

H O P I N G it won’t take a long time to vote. Just the thought of waiting in line for a long time with other adults makes me tired already

W I S H I N G a happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there! 🙂


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