we are all villains.


You were the boy who played dumb just so you have some leeway to play innocent when shit gets real and tears are shed. You were the boy who knew just what to say to make girls think twice–to consider (or reconsider) that we actually have a shot with you when the reality is you just like the attention. You like that you have someone to talk to when you’re bored. And if talking leads to feeling giddy and sex then that’s just a bonus. You’re single. You’re enjoying life! That’s no crime, right? You’ve made your disclaimer. It’s her fault if things get messy. For you, you’re just going through carefree life. Getting tangled up with emotional shit with *yuck* girls would ruin everything.

Then, there’s the girl who was so eager to love and be loved. Despite being warned that anything serious is off the table, she continued to be overbearing. Bombarding questions on his whereabouts, what he’s doing, and who’s he with shot down any chances of things getting on the next level. She’s smart but dumb when it comes to certain things. Really fun to be with but just too intense and too crazy. It’s too much for a guy who’s just diving back in on love.

We’re both villains in each other’s stories.


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