Love in the Time of Facebook


Fuck you for saying romance is dead just because so-called millennials would rather meet on Tinder or get know each other first online as opposed to going on a “real” date.

This will probably be just incoherent babble but I feel like I just need to get this out hahahahahahahah

As what I’ve learned from the past year, love is a dangerous and exhausting game to play. If you’re not careful enough, you will end up getting hurt by someone you barely know. And if we have to go out on a million dates before we meet the right person, isn’t it a logical decision to test the waters first instead of diving head-first? I mean, if they’re boring to talk to online or you find out that they don’t share the same interests then it saves you a whole lot of effort, time, and money since you don’t have to go out on a real date. Right?

Yeah… but you can’t really judge a person based on their online profile…” Um, let me ask you, ARE YOU A SAINT?!?! Of course I can do that and I have done that. In fact, I think everyone on Facebook has done this. You would always get some kind of on idea on what type a person is through their online profile–even if it’s super curated and filtered. Would you be okay with going out with someone who constantly posts gym selfies? Or someone who never fails to take a photo of their really expensive coffee? Someone who’s *gasp* a fan of The Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory??? LOL I MEAN ETO NA LANG EH: Kapag nalaman mong Marcos apologist yung crush mo nakikita mo ba yung sarili mo na dn-date siya? Regardless if your answer is yes or no, you would learn things about yourself like yung threshold mo for bullshit or how much you’re attracted to a person. If you can still like someone who commits so much grammar lapses online even if it normally ticks you off, then isn’t that a sign that you (cue Carly Rae) really really really really really really really like this person?

Besides, we all have brains! At the end of the day, it will still be your decision if you would pursue a ~real~ friendship or just maintain an online one.

I’m not saying you build your whole relationship around online interactions. However, meeting someone through social media and then going out on a date doesn’t diminish the romance involved. The pre-date jitters will still be there: the problem on what’s an appropriate outfit, mentally preparing topics to talk about to avoid awkward silence, the is it okay-is it not okay debate in your mind for more intimacy. It doesn’t disappear, even if you made a gazillion dirty jokes during your online conversations. In fact, it will almost always end up being a story worth telling. An anecdote that starts with “I met this person online and…” is always bound to be interesting no matter how successful or disastrous things ended.

Additionally, I don’t know about other people, but I find it extremely hard to find someone whom I can actually ~connect~ with. Social media lessens the anxiety of having to meet new people in general and gives you a leeway to just let people know you on some level you’re comfortable with. I find it really difficult to not to open up when it’s a personal interaction. I always end up sharing my life story to total strangers. I know this weakness of mine so sometimes I prefer talking to people online just to have some semblance of control of what I share to them. I’ll let you get close–but not THIS close because that’s reserved for friends or assholes I have the misfortune to trust.

I also feel if someone is lucky enough to be graced by my presence (wow) or be worthy talking to in real life then it means they’re people really worth my time. Why would I willingly sit through a lunch date with someone I would realize that I just want to punch in the fucking face? That would be a total waste.

It doesn’t mean that we’re throwing the “old ways” out the window. I still like stupid romance shit like notes, flowers, serenades or whatever it is our parents did. Receiving and doing all these cheesy crap are important for me; that’s why I’d rather the person who would get on that level with me is important. Not just some person I found cute but turned out to be a complete bore. Alam mo yun? Cringeworthy omg seryoso bat ang tanga mo people? Yun.

TL;DR and I don’t know if this makes sense since I still haven’t slept but in the end, testing the waters online means less chances of tears and unneeded frustration and doesn’t mean that romance is dead BAKA IKAW NYENYENYENYE wow mature hahahaha I can’t believe I managed to write almost a thousand words on this oh god


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