Friday’s 10 Happy Things Vol. 10

(since I haven’t done this for quite some time, this list also includes stuff that made me happy during the past month!)

1. Hair change! I went from ash blonde (which was bordering on icky rusty yellow) to purple on New Year’s Eve! The purple’s all faded now and my hair’s now dancing between orange to pink. But the initial result is just so pretty!


I’m planning on coloring my hair blue and purple next! Hopefully, it’ll work out just fine. I haven’t made a hair decision that I’ve regretted yet so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll stay that way.

2. New workplace! Although the transfer itself didn’t happen in the happiest of circumstances, I can finally consider this as a good kind of change after two weeks into training. There’s a Jollibee on the ground floor which is open for 24 hours so what more can I ask for?!?!? Also, more on the plus side: I rarely get the urge to take a cab to and from work since I don’t have to cross footbridges as long as the ones in Commonwealth. That means more dollaz saved!!

3. Meeting up with old friends! Met up with high school friends for the annual Christmas party and it’s actually the most fun party we’ve had ever?!? Maybe it’s because most of us already did a lot of #maturing. Awow.

all grown up???
all grown up???

4. I also managed to watch two MMFF films this year: Honor Thy Father and #WalangForever. Ganda talaga ng Honor Thy Father!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maganda rin #WalangForever… pero di lang ako prepared sa ganung klaseng emosyon! I was caught off guard! PERO EWAN GWAPO NI JERICHO ROSALES

5. One Direction’s Carpool Karaoke session with James Corden. I downloaded this in the office using the Internet kiosk at di ko talaga napigilan yung mga whimpers and small screams ko habang pinapanood ko ‘to.

Allow me to share all of the precious moments I will forever hold dear to my heart:

  • No Control choreography
  • Liam being the Daddy Direction that he is during the vocalization
  • Harry just feeling the lyrics of Perfect as he sang it

6. Ariana Grande’s Christmas and Chill EP My only complaint is WHY IS IT THAT THERE ARE ONLY SIX SONGS?? Well, technically, five, since the first track is just an Intro pero ganda din nung Intro eh. Ariana needs to make a full length Christmas album!

Anyway, I love how the songs aren’t the Merry Christmas oh yeah let’s celebrate Jesus type and instead they have more of a Ooooh can you smell the spirit of Christmas with your loved one kind of feel. This is definitely worth checking out.

7. The Sherlock special. AY ETO TALAGA!!!!!!!!!! This special distracted me from my last day at Technohub, since I was just so excited to go to Patty’s house so we can watch it together. UY GRABE TALAGA. Just when you thought they can’t get any cleverer, Gatiss and Moffatt just slaps you with more fucked up shit as if to say: O ANO KAYA MO PA???

i love u
i love u

8. The “Always” travel video from Nadine Lustre’s Youtube channel. CAN WE JUST TAKE A MOMENT AND LET THE AWESOMENESS OF THESE TWO SINK IN? Ito na talaga ang tunay na #couplegoals #friendshipgoals #relationshipgoals #loveteamgoals at #justfriendsgoals. Di ko keri teh. Yoko na.

9. The thought of marathoning Master of None and Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. I’ll try Daredevil as well, all for the sake of my friendship with Chloe. Bat ba kasi naka-blindfold siya?!?! Mukha siyang tanga.

10. The 1975’s new sound on their upcoming album. I hated The 1975 before! Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration but I never really got the appeal. I mean, come on, the vocalist looked like a homeless guy and he can’t even speak clearly! Anyway, I listened to the first single off their sophomore album and WOAH!?!?!? ewan nag-iba yung sound nila it’s more happy yeah fuck you and less ooooh I’m so cool and brooding. Also, after watching the new videos released, sobrang lakas ng Ezra Miller vibes ni Matty. Redg approves.



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