Power of Attraction and All That Self-Help Positive Outlook Bullshit

I pressed the down button multiple times, willing the elevator to go faster. My heart was racing. I checked my reflection from the elevator doors to make sure I look nice.

You never know.

Some girl casually mentioned the fact that they saw you buying from the convenience store downstairs to which I reacted in the most fake way possible: Hahahaha sino yun?

As if I don’t already know that she and that snoopy girl from the 11th floor hated me and probably did their research for their daily office chismis rounds. Fuck. You.

True or not, it’s the reason why my heart is racing. What exactly am I hoping for here?

Do you ever want or dread something so bad that you feel like you might get sick? Like physically sick, because of the unhealthy amount of time you keep on thinking about it? In your head, the more time and energy you spend thinking about it, the more chances it will actually happen in real life. Power of attraction and all that self-help positive outlook bullshit.


The elevator doors opened and I stepped inside. I let out a long sigh as if it would also release all the anxiety I felt. I leaned forward and rested my head above the elevator buttons, all the while willing my heart to return to its normal pace.

it’s just a sick joke. a stab at your personal life. it’s not like it’s actually real, that he’s…


I straightened up as the doors slid open.

And there you were.


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