Sarap Mawalan Ng Pakelam – A Playlist

Studies show that listening to empowering moving-on songs can actually help speed up the heart’s moving-on process* so I decided to create one perfect for any kind of heartache! May it be from a cheating lover to a budding romance cut short.

This playlist was brought about by my Bon Iver spree since last week when I found out that they’re co-headlining this year’s Wanderland Festival. CAN WE FAST FORWARD TO MARCH ALREADY?! My tear ducts are ready.



Apparently, Spotify doesn’t have Bon Iver’s albums so the first song is missing. But!!! You can go and download the entire playlist here!

I tried to make a really sad playlist but I decided not to because happy moving-on songs are the best kind to sing along to! If you find yourself smiling after listening to this playlist a few times, alam mo na yun. Yun na yon. There’s nothing wrong with feeling sad but what’s important is that you bounce back from it no matter how long it takes! To failed romances!

* said study is made up by the writer but psych majors are more than welcome to create a scientific study regarding this
** see *


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