Friday’s 10 Happy Things Vol. 09

Haven’t been doing Friday’s 10 Happy Things (or blogging, in general) because of life and responsibilities and other boring stuff. I also wasn’t feeling very happy for reasons unknown (overthinking?!?!?) but all is good now!

Creating this list has been easy so that must mean that I’m back to my normal happy self. YAY SELF???

1. My new hair!!!!! I’ve been planning on going for ash blonde for quite some time now and since I had to impersonate Taylor Swift for work, I decided now’s the right time. I went to a professional this time since I don’t want to ruin my hair. I don’t trust myself with bleaching my entire hair. The people at TopCut were really nice and accommodating. Here’s how it looks like:



The red was so hard to get off (as expected, based on the blogs and articles I’ve read) and since my wallet can’t afford another round of bleaching I told them to just color it even if the ends and other parts are still stained pink. It turned out to be awesome though!


My bangs are tainted with pink while the ends are going pearl-y purple.

My Taylor Swift performance was a disaster, however. I just proved to myself that I only work with small crowds. And the crowd should be my friends. LOL.

2. How To Get Away With Murder mid-season finale. I’m glad the entire cast is in on this season’s murder. I hate that they’re keeping secrets from each other. YOU GUYS ARE A FAMILY AND FAMILY MEANS COMMITTING CRIMES TOGETHER. Or something along those lines.

3. Justin Bieber’s Purpose. Shur na, guys. I’m now a Belieber.

4. This video re-enactment of Ghost Fighter’s opening credits. I think I’ve probably watched this more than 30 times today.

5. Bon Iver for Wanderland! Death Cab for Cutie and Bon Iver!?!??! Baka bumaha ng luha sa araw na yon. W

6. Adele’s 25 just leaked?!?! AM I READY FOR THIS????? I just bounced back from my sadness stupor!!! Ang sakit ng When We Were Young.

7. Watched Cinema One Originals’ Baka Siguro Yata and Manang Biring earlier this week! Manang Biring was such a sad-funny movie that made me cry. It also won Best Film so if it gets screened somewhere else you better grab the chance and watch it.

No doubt, Baka Siguro Yata was really a shoo-in for Audience Choice. It was so funny and so good! I hope the movie is screened someplace else so I can watch it again.

8. A Pancake House is opening at Technohub! THEIR CHICKEN IS SECOND BEST AND A GOOD REPLACEMENT FOR JOLLIBEE’S CHICKENJOY. You know, if you’d like to live it up a little.

9. Bought two colored tights: one in purple and another in pink.

10. My ukay finds for this month! Bought three dresses for 175 pesos and I feel like I’ve won in life. These are the things I live for!


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