Of break-up competitions and feeling sad

Why is that there’s even a concept of winning or losing a break-up?

Technically, both parties lost. Lost a love that they thought would probably last for a considerably long time, if not forever. Break-ups hurt for both the break-up-er or the break-up-ee. With all of that heartbreak hanging over their heads, why do we put pressure on them by having them participate in a silent and manipulative competition where they’re supposed to pull one up the other?

As in seryoso bakit ba natin pinapahirapan sarili natin puta

It’s just so exhausting! The unnecessary pressure to be more. More beautiful, more happy, more successful. How about people like me who like to wallow in their sadness for a while and look fondly back on a love once full of life or a love that could have been? We’re relegated as the “weak” people, the ones who can’t move on and get on with life.

Some say that there’s someone ‘better’ and there probably is but until then, can I curl up in bed to a fetal position while hugging my James Reid pillow without being judged? Thanks.


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