Of cigarettes and Lana Del Rey

She lit a cigarette and closed her eyes. She was doing a weird dance that made her look like she was slowly convulsing but Lana Del Rey’s voice was just cooing her to forget the he was just a few feet away. She hates dancing. Like the legitimate performing on the stage for other people kind of dancing. She used to do it when she was younger and even thought that she was good at it but then for some reason, school decided that dance is only for the popular and the pretty and the bitchy, so she started to hate it. She loves silly dancing though. The kind that makes you look crazy and awkward because you just, as the songs put it, let your body move to the beat. Whoever came up with that line had no idea how ugly silly dancing looks like.

She opened her eyes and saw his amused face. His lips was in a half-smile that makes her want to take her cigarette and put it out on his stupid face.


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