Friday’s 10 Happy Things Vol. 08

1. The news about Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak’s book!!! It’s official: I want to live my life as how Mindy lives hers. I mean, getting paid to write a book alongside your ex-boyfriend/great love/friend ABOUT YOUR RELATIONSHIP well, that’s a dream come true. (wat)

I’ve been a fan of their relationship ever since I heard them banter on Mindy’s audiobook and since then, I’ve absorbed every information about their relationship. The Mindy/B.J. pairing made me watch The Office, guys. Do you know how hard it is to watch a show where your main reason for watching just shows up on camera for just two-three minutes?!? #struggles


2. Although Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood music video might seem to be a huge letdown compared to the hype it produced, the baby produced by the Taylor/Kendrick collaboration is perfect! More collaboration with hip-hop and rap artists, please!

3. Rewatching favorite scenes from the first season of Veronica Mars. 😦

4. I don’t know if it’s wise to put this here since I’ve linked my blog to my Facebook before but MY CRUSH TOTALLY KNOWS MY NAME, NOW. And we’re Facebook friends. At least, there’s one aspect in my life is going well. This reason should just count as two other reasons. The level of kilig in me is on a high school level. That’s the second highest in my kilig meter.

5. Pete Davidson’s Harry Potter livetweets.

6. Up Dharma Down’s new song which is effective in warding off the bad vibes of my morning commute. When I say morning commute, it’s actually just me commuting in the morning, because I’m just really on my way home. Commuting alongside barely awake people when I’m already tired from sitting down my ass the whole day is a nightmare for me, because everyone’s just so grumpy and entitled. When did commuters become so insensitive?! We’re all experiencing the same shitty commute so stop flipping your damp hair across my face when I try to squeeze my butt further into the jeep seat, bitch. (ok, focus on the good things, Redg)

7. Amerie’s 1 Thing has been on repeat in my head and now, in my iTunes. This is my current getting ready for work song.

8. The prospect of stuffing myself with sashimi once again tomorrow. Naida promised to treat me for her birthday! NAIDA IS THE BEST

9. Marathoning iZombie later. A lot of people are starting to talk about what’s been happening and I need to update myself!!!!

10. The Soup’s Facebook page. I think I wasted three hours today just browsing the page.


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