monday denials

Monday Denials


I want to disappear. I want to shrink and explore the world as a tiny human. Devoid of any responsibility and pressure to be a mature, reliable, and successful adult. Where there is no loneliness to feel, no desire to be loved with a hungry and fiery passion. Where my friends are the ants, spiders, and mice and we live in fear of the two gigantic fluffy dogs. Where everyday is a fiesta with the scraps of food always left unattended on the table. Where there is freedom to go out and go somewhere else. Be someone else. Learn a new language, read books all day. Where I can fully absorb everything the world has to offer without ever worrying about getting a failing grade. Where I can sneak into people’s luggage and fly off to another place. See the Philippines! Soak in the sun from another hemisphere! Where there is a possibility to experience New York, Tokyo, or Paris. Anywhere but here.

Alas, I hear the sound of the neighbor’s rooster and I shut my eyes tight, in denial of today. The weekend is over.


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