Friday’s 10 Happy Things (formerly The Happy List) Vol. 06

I’m still struggling with balancing my social life, work, sleep, and family duties that I barely have time to try blog! Still, I am quite proud of myself that I managed to churn out two posts last week. Yay for scheduled publishing!

I know that I’ve already got The Happy List going on but since I am trying to update regularly, I’ve decided to just revamp it to Friday’s 10 Happy Things. I got this idea from Helga, by the way. Her blog is definitely worth checking out!

1. Fifth Harmony’s Worth It. As much as I hate myself a little bit for liking this song, I just can’t get it out of my head. Singing Uh-huh you see me in the spot like oooh, I’m lovin’ your style in the shower just makes me feel so fabulous.

2.  Finally finished with making arrangements for my mom’s physical therapy lessons!

3. Mom’s incredibly fast recovery from her stroke. She was discharged late March and she’s now able to stand up and take few wobbly steps. *proud tears*

4. Weddings! One of my classmates from high school recently tied the knot with her college boyfriend and it sent me to a wedding photos browsing spree.


5. Weekly episodes of Jane the Virgin and Fresh off the Boat. (Still!)

6. Finally getting back to reading B.J. Novak’s One More Thing. I bought this ages ago and my goal is to finish it by the end of the month. (Please don’t judge. It’s extremely hard for me to find the time to read)

7. JaDine’s upcoming movie, Para sa Hopeless Romantic! JADINE FOREVER

8. Grabbing a bite with old friends! I miss being a student and not having responsibilities. 😦

9. Discovering new and interesting blogs to read.

10. Plans with high school friends to eat at Sambokojin next Sunday! SUNDAY FUNDAY!


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