The Road to Purple Ombre

I’ve always wanted to color my hair but I never did it because my parents didn’t approve of me ruining my hair. Their approval meant a lot, since they were the ones who will be spending money on my hair. Well, now that I am earning money to fund my crazy ideas, I threw caution to the wind and finally got dyed my hair!

My instant hairstylist was my friend (and bandmate, HAHAHA) Josef. Her hair expertise saved me a lot of time from googling tips and how-to’s on bleaching and coloring hair.

I decided to just go with a purple ombre so I can cop out and cut my hair short if ever I don’t like the results. Since I am still cheapskate, I bought those Korean hair dyes from those street stalls in Philcoa. Josef’s friend told her they’re legit and were a steal for 20 pesos! I ended up buying six boxes (was planning to buy 10, LOL) and it was more than enough to do the ends of my hair.

I only splurged on the bleaching materials we used. Josef told me to buy 12% bleach, and I ended up buying a huge bottle of ShineMoist bleach from Trinoma.

Josef started to work on my hair at 10PM while we were watching HBO’s Scientology documentary, Going Clear. (It’s reallyyyy good!) The whole process took sooooooooo long. She ended up bleaching my hair thrice since my hair wasn’t getting light enough. I checked a few blogs and this is actually a no-no, since you have to wait a week before bleaching your hair again. But I can’t go to work the following day with icky orange hair so…

We applied the hair color thrice as well. Josef first tried her leftover purple Manic Panic, but it just functioned as a toner and didn’t do anything to color my hair. After two rounds of korean hair color, my hair ended up looking like this!

purple ombre
my hairstylist is annoyed with how my hair took so much work (and time)

The whole coloring process ended at around 11 in the morning or probably later. I’m not really sure since I slept for a bit when the color was applied to my hair LOL

Anyway, here are better photos of how I look like now

purple ombre
mini stop selfie
Photo on 5-5-15 at 12

I love change! Yay for colored hair!


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