The Happy List Vol. 5

Despite the recent and very depressing Grey’s Anatomy episode, there’s still lots of things to be happy about in this life. Here’s what’s been keeping me going through life lately…

Bacon and eggs. I am still in search of a place that serves the bacon and eggs that’s worth my money. So far, The Royal Piccadilly is still the best one I’ve had. Five (or sometimes four) long strips of crispy almost-burnt bacon served with eggs that are cooked right whether you like it scrambled or sunny side up. Ally’s almost dethroned The Royal Piccadilly but their bacon is honeycured which means that it’s sweet and that just doesn’t work with me.

St. Lucia’s self-titled album. I am O B S E S S E D.

Not yet halfway through the first season of Steven Universe and I’m slowly getting into it. (I hate Pearl.) It’s no Gravity Falls though but I feel like I haven’t gotten to the good parts of this season yet.

steven universe

Weekly Jane The Virgin episodes. Gina Rodriguez is gorgeous and I love her hair as well as her portrayal of Jane. Rogelio is still my favorite character! I love this show so much and I hate myself for putting this on hold for a while. I’m dreading with how this season will end. I have this feeling that I will not like what will happen.

My shift change that will take effect next week! 8PM is just too early to go to work for me now. Yay for work at 10PM!

Keeping my fingers crossed for me always waking up on time this week!


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