I hate you.

How could you have done that? How could you be so cold and unfeeling?

I just thought that since we knew each other so well, you could have sent something my way. A text, an email, or a black bird with a scroll tied to its feet Game of Thrones style. I never thought that you could actually do this. Or not do anything, in this case.

It’s just so impossible for you to not know what happened. Even people from elementary knew about it. I kept on making excuses for you. It’s probably your work keeping you busy or maybe you’re going through something else as well. I know it’s unfair to ask for something that I don’t give as well but that’s because I have no news about you.

I know that you don’t owe me anything and it is possible that I might be overreacting. But I know that you know that I would react this way. In fact, I bet you’re surprised I’m only writing about this now.

Is everything about us just all in my head, now? Our so-called ‘bond’ that will never be gone. I know it isn’t. You acknowledged this during our last conversation years ago. Did everything change since then?

I hate you and I’m so disappointed of what we’ve become. You just crossed the imaginary line I set in my head.

This is why we should not have talked that night. It’s better if we think of each other as enemies. At least I don’t get to be mad at you over and over again. Enemies don’t check on each other when something important happens.

You should not have lied. I wanted out. You had a free pass to a life without me. Why did you have to pull me back in?


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