Surprise Sinigang

Surprise Sinigang

“I’ve never shopped here before. Everything looks so Instagrammable!”

Fresh! is a new grocery that opened in town. With its glass roof, and huge signs indicating that every item was organic and locally produced, the grocery was quickly becoming the go-to place for lost millennials and health-conscious mothers.

“Everything is a tiny bit more expensive that what you could get from the regular grocery,” I continued as I picked up a huge tomato and gave it a small squeeze. “Is this where you usually do your shopping?”

“Well,” he said as he avoided her gaze. “Not really.”

“Then why are we here? We could’ve just bought the stuff from the one near your place.”

He picked up his pace and grabbed a bunch of onions and garlic from a pile. His lips curled into a shy smile. “Well, as your chef for tonight, I only want the freshest ingredients for my customer,” he said and did a little bow to mask the hint of nervousness in his voice.

I rolled my eyes and punched him in the arm. “Right. Of course.” We turned to the meat section. “What are we eating again?”

“Your favorite.”

“Uh, mashed potatoes?”

He stopped the cart and put a hand on his hips. “You think I’m just going to cook you mashed potatoes? Is that really your favorite food?”

“Hey, don’t underestimate how hard it is to make a mashed potato.”

“My cooking prowess and I are immensely hurt.”

I laughed but as realization dawned on me, I stopped dead in my tracks. With eyes wide, I shouted: “Oh my God, you’re going to cook me sinigang are you?”

He waggled his eyebrows mischievously and asked for the butcher for some meat.

I stared at him with a stupid wide smile on my face and my heart felt like it was going to burst from so much… whatever this is. He smiled at me and offered his hand for me to take. His face was bathed with a beautiful orange and pink light from the sunset and before I laced my hands with his, I knew that this was it. In the frozen meat section at a quarter before six, I fell in love.


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