Life Lately

I woke up on a Sunday with sticky stuff in my eyes which means I have sore eyes! The good news is the doctor wrote me an open dated medical certificate!!!!!!!!!! YOU KNOW WHAT DAT MEANS! ONE WEEK OFF FROM WORK OH YEAAAAAAAAAAAH

My eyes aren’t actually red anymore and I don’t know if that’s normal because I’ve never had sore eyes before. I’m still dropping meds on my eyes just in case I still have it. BUT I’M FEELING SO FIIIIIINE and I’m planning on spending the rest of the night in front of the computer catching up on my TV shows.

Here’s what else happened in my life lately…

I accompanied my youngest sister for her enrollment. I wrote my name under her ‘guardian’ and I felt so responsible and old. What happened to my youth?!

I went to Haute Auteur last Saturday and looking back to that night, I realize that I need to get off the Lola Train. I didn’t drink and also didn’t have the energy to jump around even when Ang Bandang Shirley played. I still had a great time though. I became an instant saleslady for Berns’ booth where he sold his art~ and shirts. (You can checkirawt here!) He even drew me!

oh hai
oh hai

My friend and I were our team’s representative for a luau-themed fashion show and WE LOST!!! You see, every month, we have this general assembly in the office where important stuff are discussed and we get to play games and stuff to keep everyone’s morale high.  Anyway, I blame our loss to the fact that OUR MUSIC WAS PLAYED WHEN WE’RE ALREADY HALFWAY THROUGH THE (makeshift) RUNWAY! Still, I had an excuse to be maarte around the office which is a nice change from my usual ‘anek na’ face.

omg hi

Finally tried Locavore where I almost died because some driver didn’t realize there was a tricycle behind him when he was trying to get out of the parking. #blessed2bealive

the most important meal of the day

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The sizzling sinigang was okay, I guess. I still prefer the masabaw version. The kare-kare wings was great though and whoever thought of it is a genius. Patty, Josef, and I paid a very delayed visit to Pinto Art Museum and we messed around with Josef’s phone’s slow motion and panorama features.

this happened because we had no one to ask to take our picture
this happened because we had no one to ask to take our picture

art amongst art part deux

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~puta, art

I’m sorry for my irregular posting, dear reader, if you do exist. I’m still trying learning the ropes of adulthood. ‘Til next time!


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