Hello, Adulthood

Hello, Adulthood.

March has been pretty crazy for my family. My mom suffered a stroke and underwent brain surgery and I was forcefully pushed through the doors of Adulthood to which I’m totally unprepared for. Here’s what I’ve learned in my three weeks of being an adult:

  • what exactly is my bank account number
  • how to pay credit card bills and utility bills
  • how to negotiate with my siblings about their allowance
  • SM Marikina’s supermarket is the only grocery that I’ve been to that stocks Caress extra large adult diapers

Thankfully, my mom’s surgery went well and after three weeks in the hospital, she’s finally been discharged. Yay for (new) normalcy!!!! I’m so grateful for all the people who gave money, food, blood, and words of encouragement.

My mom’s right side is still weak but hopefully after physical therapy, she’d regain some of her motor skills. If you know a good physical therapy program (?) or clinic, do let me know! 🙂


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