The Happy List Vol. 4

…and my life lately.

  1. Treat Yoself days Spending a thousand pesos in ukay-ukay stores when they are NOT on sale is the equivalent of splurging on clothes for a cheapskate like me.
    I bought this outfit for 350 pesos omg
    I bought this outfit for 350 pesos omg

    Here's a bonus picture of me and Randolph
    Here’s a bonus picture of me and Randolph

    Most of my treat yoself days are food and ‘travel’ related. This month, I went to Star City for the first time and since the world hates me, the rollercoaster was closed for that day. Although it was the most thrilling, I didn’t like Star Frisbee as much since it just made me so dizzy. For Star City virgins like I was, it’s a ride where they spin you and then simultaneously swing you like a pendulum.

    Galentine’s and Valentine’s day for me were such weird (but fun!!!!) days. All I can remember is crying at Tomatokick and during Up Dharma Down’s set and then waking up at UP Los Banos the morning after. It wasn’t a wasted trip though since we all got carabao’s milk which was then finished the same week. They should really open a store here in Diliman.

    Mer-Nel's cake!!!!!!!!!!
    Mer-Nel’s cake!!!!!!!!!!

    My friends and I finally went to Farmacy! My friend, Rio, is the one who makes the ice cream there (so proud) and we finally dropped by for a visit. This is a completely unplanned trip since Randolph and I were just planning to eat at Farinas but then Tammy and Naida decided to tag along and things kind of snowballed from there. #wanderlust #spontaneous

    Coherent Fangirls and Rio
    Coherent Fangirls and Rio

    Another bonus photo of Randolph and me
    Another bonus photo of Randolph and me
  2. TV Series!I feel so happy for Parks and Recreation! They can actually do what they really want with their show and seeing how far Leslie and the others have come just brings tears to mah eyez. I have so much love for this show even if I only binge-watched this last summer! I’m not ready for this to end!Jane the Virgin is also really, really good. At first, I was so lazy to watch it since the Pilot wasn’t as good as people say the show is but now I’m so hooked! Gina Rodriguez is really pretty and I want to have hair like hers.
    so pretty
    so pretty

    The Mindy Project is worth mentioning because Mindy never fails to make me laugh every week. They should be awarded for Best Use of a Beyonce Song in a TV Series for the episode Dinner at the Castellanos.

    Shows I’m putting off since I’m still not in the mood for them: Hindsight (which is showing a lot of promise), How To Get Away With Murder, House of Cards, Twin Peaks, Bones and Fringe.

  3. Writing and Tinyletter
    I’m slowly trying to “write” again and I also made a Tinyletter! I still haven’t figured out what stuff I’m going to write about but it’d be cool if you could subscribe:
  4. Music
    Here’s a playlist of the tracks I’ve been listening to lately. There’s a lot of Itchyworms in there because I have just listened to their recent album and it’s really good and reminds me of The Noontime Show![spotify]

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