All we have every little often

Watching the fireworks go off in the sky while Up Dharma Down is playing Turn It Well can be pretty cathartic.

Why am I still here? What have I done with my life? What happened to the hopes and dreams of the seventeen-year-old me? Will I ever be truly happy and satisfied with my life? Myself?

Waking up at around 6AM at UP Los Banos is definitely not how I imagined my Valentine’s Day this year.

It’s most likely the fault of alcohol and the high from seeing and hearing Up Dharma Down play live again. I can faintly remember talking about going to Baguio which then changed to Los Banos. The thought of Mer-Nel’s and carabao’s milk was so enticing.

Note to future self and to anyone who might be reading this: There’s nothing you can do in Los Banos in the wee hours of the morning except sleep in the car and wait for the whole town to wake up.

We bought cakes from Mer-Nel’s then had breakfast at Baan Thai. Baan Thai serves big servings of Thai food that tastes like water in the middle of the desert. We went back inside UPLB to buy carabao’s milk and then went to IRRI which–another note to future self and to anyone reading–had no restrooms open during weekends.

Alcohol and tears. Cake and good food. Plus a bonus of milk. It’s more or less what you can expect from a Valentine’s Day celebration with friends.


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