On eating alone and breakfast meals

I like eating alone. Especially breakfast. Being alone with a two-piece pan chicken from Pancake House at seven in the morning stimulates my imagination and thought about life. How can I achieve my dreams? Overcome laziness? Make new friends? Seize the day? It’s a great time for me to be introspective and especially a good way to start any day. Or in my case, a good way to end any day, since I’m on night shift.

this might be me if i'm eating my feelings while I'm on my period
this might be me if i’m eating my feelings while I’m on my period

Eating alone for me does have its downsides though. Most of it stems from me not being the most graceful eater. So whenever I accidentally slam my spoon on my plate, trying to get a slice of that meat attached to the bone, I have to make my ‘Oops, sorry, that’s my bad lol I know I did something embarrassing and wrong okay I’m not a savage.’ face. This face has to be a bit comical so people looking can actually see and understand The Face. This face is also helpful for other potentially embarrassing moments like spilling your drink on yourself, dripping gravy on your shirt, or coughing while chewing which causes pieces of food to fly out of your mouth.

I’m so class.

While enjoying my food in peace, I get to do one of my favorite alone-time activities: observing strangers. I found out that there are some rich families who let their maids just SIT WITH THEM as they eat their meal, watched and listened in to a couple sweet talk each other using baby voices (it was embarrassing), and tried to contain my laughter as an impatient 30-something guy tried (and failed) to explain to his mother how to use the tablet he just gave her.

To wrap up this post, here’s a list of good breakfast meals I’ve had. I’ll post pretty pictures of these meals once I get to have them again.

  1.  Breakfast Steak from Jollibee – when I’m really hungry, I end up buying two. JUDGE ME ALL U WANT
  2.  2-pc Pan Chicken from Pancake House
  3.  Tapsilog from Sweet Inspirations – this is recommended for people who like their tapa crunchy and stringy
  4.  Lucban longganisa – the best one I’ve had is from Naida’s house but Ally’s also serve a good version of it (just ask them to make it crunchy!)
  5.  Bacon and eggs from The Royal Piccadilly

Bonus: McDonald’s hash browns (AKA the only consistently good thing in their breakfast menu). Cereals are worth a separate post!


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