1989 and my surprisingly wordy rant about The Real World


I AM ALIVE AND I OWE THIS RESURRECTION TO TAYLOR SWIFT Just so the Internet is aware, my friends and I are doing a track-by-track roundtable review of the 1989 which is Taylor Swift’s latest album if you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks. It is now eight pages long and we’re not done yet. I can go on and on about how perfect and cohesive this album is!

This completely rational love for 1989 also does NOT stem from my love for Harry Styles because I never really shipped them that hard UNTIL NOW. YES, I THINK THEY SHOULD GIVE THEIR RELATIONSHIP ANOTHER SHOT BECAUSE THEY WERE IN LOVE. TRUE LOVE.


Anyway, life’s been pretty boring lately. I hate the real world! Is this how it’s going to be for the rest of my life? Wake up, get dressed, go to work, eat out (along or with friends… but mostly alone), go home, repeat. I’m not even half a year in to this job and I’m already bored out of my mind!

That’s why as much as I would like to distance myself from my college org, I can’t help but go back to them because I NEED them. I need to talk about the things I’m interested in, things I find funny. I need to play Bridge, I need to analyze how to improve how the org works. I need to talk about the local news in a higher level and not just ‘Oh, that person got raped because he pretended to be a girl. He deserved it.’


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