Here’s Where the Magic Happens: A Blog Tour

So Maria Celeste mentioned me on her Virtual Blog Tour for which I’m incredibly flattered, so thank you! Believe me, I said “Awww!” really loudly when I read your post (just during the part where you mentioned me, not while reading the entire entry lol)

So, hey guys! Welcome to my blog, come on in and I’ll show you around.

don't you just love the internet?
don’t you just love the internet?

1. What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on my memoir. Don’t laugh! I’m totally serious. I know, I know! “A memoir? You’re barely an adult!” Well, blame Craig Ferguson, Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling! I recently listened to their audiobooks and fell in love with the idea of sharing my funniest, weirdest and most personal experiences in essay form. I love their audiobooks so much that I’m actually considering RECORDING myself read the whole book (when it’s finished) and upload it as a podcast on iTunes. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Anyway, I think it’s the perfect book for me to write since I love yapping about weird moments like that time when I thought I an old lady was putting a curse on me while waiting for a cab in Cubao or the time when I forgot to pay for my meal during a blind date.

I currently have a skeleton of what the book will contain: topics or stories I want to write about that I rearrange from time to time. I’ve only managed to write three so far but it’s a good start!

I still have this dream of writing fiction though. Nothing lengthy since I recently found out about my inability to write a novel. Goodbye, JK Rowling dreams! But a collection of short stories, perhaps?

2. How does your work differ from others in the same genre?

Oh, you mean how I can differentiate my blog from every other blogs filled with angst written twentysomethings?

I guess the stories itself make my writing unique. I tend to over dramatize while writing; I’m capable of writing a one thousand word essay about a five minute conversation if I had enough feelings about it.

I also like to focus on tiny little details: the way her hand clenched, leaving half-moon marks on her own palm; how your eyes automatically focuses on that chipped tooth when she smiles; and the way her sobs filled the entire car, mixing with the low humming of the engine and the whirring of the AC. I don’t know if people notice this but I always tend to describe little things in a very detailed way. Also, more often than not, these little lists of details always come in threes.

My writing ‘style’ (whatever this is) is pretty obvious. My friend took a shot in imitating how I write during Writing 101. It’s pretty cool.

3. Why do you write (create) what you do?

I write because I need to. In situations where I’m feeling extreme levels of emotion, I always get the need to type my feelings down. Each keystroke lessens the heavy feeling in my chest.

I write because I want to remember. I always get a kick out of reading my old blog entries no matter how embarrassing they may be. I live under the impression that I’m living an extremely interesting life and I don’t want to forget that. If there comes a day when I’m so depressed, I have this feeling that reading about my weird and awesome adventures would help me with recuperating.

I write because I want to be able to leave a mark in this world. I’m still holding on to my dreams of getting a book out. Never give up!


4. How does your creative process work?

I need to have music. Choosing a music to play in the background while I’m writing is essential for me. My writing music usually matches the mood of my writing and sometimes I’m confused which influences which. This can be very evident in my Soundtrack posts.

Then, I proceed with writing in Notepad. I can never write directly in Microsoft Word or in WordPress. It always has to be in Notepad or else I freeze.

I write as if I’m solving a jigsaw puzzle. I know how I want it to look, sound, and feel like but some trial and error is required for it be finished. There are times when I finish writing three wordy paragraphs and then end up just using a sentence from them. I play around with words trying to get them to fit just right.

5. Whose diaries do you want to peek into?

First, let me just say that after almost six years in WordPress, I’m glad that I’m finally making some new blog friends! Yay! I guess I have Writing 101 to thank for this.

Now, on to other people! I recommend everyone to visit these blogs because they always make me feel inspired and motivated to improve my own writing.

A Place For Pixie Dust
One of the good writers I met thru Writing 101 and she’s Pinay! That’s probably one of the reasons why I can related to her posts which is a mixture of fiction and personal stories. P.S. Her blog theme is really pretty.

Crone Chronicler
I chanced upon the Crone Chronicler thru Writing 101 as well. She writes really, really well and some of her entries force me to take a good hard look at my life. I don’t know why but some of her posts really hit close to home even if I’ve never experienced something similar! I think that’s one testament to her writing.

Now, there’s also real life friends. I like reading my friends’ blogs even if we talk to each other in an almost day to day basis. Their thoughts are different when it’s in written form. I like to see how they try to explain themselves without the help of their shocked faces, twinkling eyes, and wild hand gestures.

Josef Gacutan – Her blog is currently nonexistent (again) but I’m still tagging her!

Bianca Santos – Bianca’s blog has been defunct since last year but here’s to hoping she’ll dust off her WordPress for this post.

Juabe Inciong – Yes, here’s another writing assignment for you, Juabe!

Tammy Yeban – Tammy is a really talented writer. The way she composes her sentences is exquisite and very interesting to read. There’s a certain rhythm to her writing to the point that it’s almost musical. I hope she writes more often!


There, I hope you guys enjoyed the tour! Leave your comments if you want to answer some of the questions as well. Yay, blogging!


5 thoughts on “Here’s Where the Magic Happens: A Blog Tour

  1. Hi redg!! Thank you so much for featuring me. I feel so embarrassed and flattered at the same time. Hehe. You also have such interesting posts and I guess it helps that I think we’re both kind of the same age (I just graduated from college this year too!)

    Hey, if you’re interested in writing a short story collection, I would definitely recommend reading Eliza Victoria’s A Bottle of Storm Clouds. She graduated from U.P and I really enjoyed her short stories. I’d love to publish something too in the future. I share the sentiment of wanting to leave some sort of legacy in the world. <3_<3

  2. Redg, Reading your bit about Crone Chronicler makes me want to cry. I’m humbled that my writing has such meaning for you. I write best from a feeling place that guides how the words come out. Writing 101 is the beginning of blogging for me and I realize that without writing there would be a big hole in my life. Now that the “class” is over I often wonder how, or even if, my writing my will continue. Your words help me believe in myself. Thanks.

  3. I love your stories. They are what make your writing unique. I like the description of your writing process comparing it to solving a jigsaw puzzle. I identify with writing wordy paragraphs and then using only a sentence,

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