People You Have To Tolerate

2014 MTV Movie Awards - Red Carpetthe middle-aged father
who always gives you a lingering look
shamelessly spewing disgusting sexual innuendos
fuck you

the friendly seatmate
whom you think has the potential to be very cool
but has the capacity to be very misogynistic
why, world?

the competitive lady with glasses
surreptitiously guarding your every move
pointing out she scored higher than you by point five

the nice mom of five
whom you always feel uncomfortable with
when you have to correct their mistakes

the friendly and normal girls
probably the people you have most in common with
but you feel like you annoy them

the rocker chic
who can’t stop obsessing about her weight
and her lovelife
just, stop

and the only good-looking gentleman
who’s smart and funny
but taken; also has the capacity to be a douchebag
no hope


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