Of barbecues, freshie memories, and changes

I had my first meal at Beach House with my friend Mia. We were freshies at that time and being from the same high school and course, we spent a lot of time together during our first months in school. And being freshies, we were also insufferably curious about trying everything UP Diliman and the Beach House barbecue always made an appearance on numerous freshie brochures and pamphlets.

The moment my friend and I bit in to that juicy pork, we instantly knew why it’s such a UP Diliman must-try. It’s probably one of the best barbecues I’ve had and this is coming from a girl who’s dad is such a barbecue/grill fanatic. It also didn’t hurt that I love the taste of sticky burnt pork even if I’ve been told by numerous people that it contains carcinogens.

I’m genuinely sad that Beach House is closing down. I’ve spent most of my freshman year lunches with my Math classmates at that place, cramming our Math exercises, talking about how we would all pass the next long exam, and killing time until our four hour break is over. I haven’t eaten at Beach House for a long, long time due to the boom of Area 2 and Maginhawa which houses much cheaper or more sulit meals (Snack Shack, Iskomai, Bagnet) that the cheapipay in me prefers. Actually, the reason why I think their barbecues are a bit on the expensive side is because it’s almost always impossible to order just one. Kailangan palaging dalawa (or more!) o siguro ang takaw ko lang talaga.

we also spent a lot of time taking "funny" webcam photos
we also spent a lot of time at beach house taking “funny” webcam photos

Things in UP have been changing a lot very fast with the increase in Ikot fares, the academic calendar shift, the one semester recruitment ban for orgs, and the failure that is the Socialized Tuition System. I think the reason why I’m deeply affected by the closing down of Beach House is because UP Diliman is starting to feel more and more unfamiliar to me. 😦 Kung mawawala pa ang Rodic’s or yung isawan sa tabi ni Mang Larry’s magkakamatayan na.

Goodbye Beach House. 😥

look at our seemingly perpetual happy freshie faces
look at our seemingly perpetual happy freshie faces

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