“So tell me something about yourself that’s not in your resume…” Part 1

“So tell me something about yourself that’s not in your resume…”

Are you kidding me? All of my A game is written in that resume already.

Well, not everything. I didn’t write that I am extremely skilled in binge watching television shows and finding hard-to-find torrents. I also didn’t think it’s appropriate to say that I’m a master in elementary subjects due to one-on-one tutoring (i.e. screaming at each other while studying) with my siblings.

What exactly do I answer to that question? I mean, the only things that are interesting about me are the qualities that would actually make you hesitate in hiring me. I’m talkative, almost always never on time, and I tweet excessively about my personal life to the point that it’s freaky.

Aside from the mundane and creepy things about me, I also don’t have a lot more going on with me. At least, nothing that job interviewers might find interesting. Here are the unique and not-so-interesting facts about me that might not really convince someone to hire me for a job.

I don’t play or watch sports. The only league I follow is the UAAP and I don’t even know half of what’s going on there. Most of my sports knowledge come from my friends and orgmates who are crazy knowledgeable on sports.

I don’t like any activity that includes going outside and getting sweaty. I don’t know how to ride a bike mainly because I grew up in a neighborhood wherein just walking would make you fear for your life. I also don’t like running, even around my university campus, because I always get so pressured by all the other joggers. What? It’s you again? Didn’t I see you a couple minutes earlier? Oh, yeah. It’s your second round. I even hate commuting to school. If I have a couple of extra bucks, I would just hail a taxi because I really would like to avoid the humid weather.

I don’t cook. Well, more like ‘can’t cook good food’. Lately, I’ve been more interested in tinkering around the kitchen but the only person who likes my cooking is my favorite sister–and that’s because I basically force feed her all the food I experiment with. Just a side note: That is a true testament of sisterly bond. If she doesn’t complain about your dry pasta or your bland omelette  and just gobbles it up as if it’s the most delicious thing she’s ever tasted then you officially have the best sister in the world.

I don’t have any interesting talents. I specifically said ‘interesting’ because for me, there are interesting talents and then there are boring talents. Here’s a handy table for you to refer to if you want to know if your talent is interesting or boring and appropriate or inappropriate. Remember, I’m categorizing these as if I’m an employee in the HR department from a normal non-progressive company, so don’t get your panties in a twist.

The Talent Spectrum
The Talent Spectrum

And lastly, after just one day of going to job interviews, I am the type of person who automatically seek refuge in my online blog and proceed to rant about my day. Yes, I am that dirty, attention-seeking employee you are afraid to have. The one who will post one of those “I’m just sharing my bad experience just so others will be warned” posts on Facebook with a long, detailed account on how exactly shit went down (with accompanying grotesque/disgusting photo) just for revenge. In my fantasy world, these kinds of posts will also coerce companies to issue a public statement just to appease the people on the Internet.

Just kidding. I just had a really, really exhausting day. I decided to skip Writing 101 for this week and will just try to catch up on the weekends while I try to face employment. I know I’m all complaints but I’m really excited to try something new this time. To the future!~


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