Writing 101 Day 3: Three Most Importants Songs In My Life

I’m a bit late with starting my daily post blogging challenge but let’s give it a go, shall we? We were tasked to write about our three significant songs for fifteen minutes straight without stopping. Writing for fifteen minutes without going back and editing is hard enough but to choose which songs to write about? It’s extremely difficult. To save myself the agony of choosing a song, I just looked up my top three most played songs on last.fm.

Beach Fossils – Face It (293 plays)
This song is perfect for helping me relax and fall asleep. The message matches the sound, it makes me imagine lying on a hammock in between palm trees somewhere. I wish I could see them live!!

Broken Social Scene – Lover’s Spit (269 plays)
There are two versions of this song: one is sung by Kevin Drew (the one linked) and the other is by Feist. BOTH ARE AMAZING. This song is all sorts of bittersweet to me. It was the song I had on repeat while bawling my eyes out in bed because I found out that the guy I liked didn’t like me back. To make matters worse, he liked my friend. That time of my life is a weird mix of dramatic, sad and amusing. However, I’m glad that sad memory didn’t taint this song. It’s a good song to make out, cry, or sleep to. Very versatile.

M83 – Midnight City (249 plays)
My friends would probably kill me if I play this song to them one more time. I made them listen to it over and over again while in the car when I was still having my Midnight City mania. I first heard this in the season finale of The Mindy Project. The song just fits the scenes perfectly: Mindy running across New York to get Casey back and the look of PURE HEARTACHE on Danny’s face when Mindy implicitly turned him down. That was probably one of the most heartbreaking scenes I saw on TV.

So there, my first blogging challenge. Hope I can sustain this!!


3 thoughts on “Writing 101 Day 3: Three Most Importants Songs In My Life

    • MINDY KALING IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL. Have you seen her speech during the commencement exercises of Harvard Law this year? It’s not nearly as good as Conan’s but it was Mindy-funny. 😀

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