Your brain is totally freaking out right now.

You are totally freaking out right now. Outside, you may just be boring a hole on the ceiling by staring at it for twenty minutes but inside you are screaming and running from one end of the room to the other. Your brain is on overdrive. Was it from alcohol? Cigarettes? Maybe drugs. Your brain is going haywire. There’s a ringing inside your head which you interpret as warning bells. Your legs go numb. The room spins. You feel cold. Seriously, your brain is spazzing out. Your body involuntarily shudders. Was that from the inexplicable cold or that really unbelievable thought forming inside your head? You take one swig at the beer bottle. You suddenly crave for carbonara and cheesecake. You clumsily make your way over to your dresser only to find out your wallet is empty. You crawl back to bed. You clutch the blanket to your neck. You look over and your brain short-circuits. 

What the fuc–

The morning comes and things stay the same. Fucking drugs.


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