A Slur of Words, A Scab Opened

Oh, hello! I haven’t heard from you
for a very long time
I’m fine and it seems like you are too

judging by how bright your smile is
a twinkle in your eyes
the calmness in your aura

Us talking isn’t anything special
it’s normal;

like how the sun rises and sets
when the middle-aged father goes to his thankless job
and a baby cries as he yearns for his mother’s milk

Yet my mind wanders…

How the sun looks majestic every single day it rises and sets
the middle-aged father works eight hours a day to put his only daughter to school
and the love a mother has for the toddler is unparalleled

Everything about us seems normal
but it’s not
In the surface we might be

Exchanging pleasantries
Talking casually
Laughing madly

but really we are

Evoking emotions
Inducing tears
Baiting anger

You will always be that person

We will always be complicated
In my mind


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