This is my second time to vote and for some reason, this elections has evoked more rants and feelings than the presidential election back in 2010. Here’s a list of the said rants and feelings.

  • The PCOS machine in my precinct was busted so I had to put my faith in the poll watchers that they would protect the ballots up until it gets fed to another machine. Horrific scenarios played in my head. What if the poll watchers just decided to dump everything or burn it? What if they only feed the ballots who voted for their candidate? PRANING2K13
  • I was so hopeful for the midterm elections because this would be the first elections where most of my friends would get to vote. I’m older by a year so that’s why I got to vote last time. Anyway, I KNOW that the votes from the young generation would is very much needed because we are the ones who are informed. We have the means to research on our candidates, the power to look through all the bullshit and annoying campaign ads. Unfortunately, most of my friends didn’t get to register for various reasons such as- walang time mag-register (this is the time where I would say that they should have registered earlier)
    – may lakad nung last day of registration
    – napagod kakapila sa city hall, nag-give up na lang altogether

    I know that it’s easy to just to give up on our country but DAMN IT if we have a chance to turn it all around then we should take it OKAY?! Look, I’m not mad at the people who didn’t get to vote because they weren’t registered but I’m just really, really disappointed. And fine, I’ll say it: I’m especially disappointed with my friends. 😥 WE TALKED ABT POLITICS TOGETHER AND ARGUED ABOUT IT AND WHY ARE YOU NOT VOTING HUHUHU PROMISE ME YOU’LL VOTE NEXT TIME OKAY? Cos fuck tayo-tayo maghihirap when we’re ~*adults*~ TSAKA GUYS DIBA DAPAT CONCERNED KAYO KASI GRADUATE NA KAYO (unlike me) AND MAGBABAYAD NA KAYO NG TAX AND SHIT

  • I am so fucking torn with the whole ‘blaming the masses’ thing. Totoo naman kasi. Binay won because of the masses. The masses who are uneducated and misinformed did this. AND SHET LANG TALAGA PERO KUNG MAY MAAYOS NA EDUCATION SYSTEM DITO SA PILIPINAS, WE WOULDN’T HAVE THIS PROBLEM. If people were taught how to scrutinize candidates, if they were taught what platforms they should look for then maybe it’d be different. Alam kong sobrang gago nung advice ni Nancy Binay kay Risa Hontiveros na ‘hold more motorcades’ pero ngayon, feel ko tama siya, kasi talong-talo si Risa kay Nancy pagdating sa ibang regions. 😥 Sad.
  • THE MEDIA HAS BEEN SUCH A BIG DISAPPOINT THIS ELECTIONS. (Pero parati naman, ngayon lang sumabog feelings ko)Firstly, why is it that we don’t have a uniform hastag for the elections? Alam kong simple lang yung usapang hashtag pero it’d be better if all the tweets about the elections were consolidated in one hashtag. That way, maybe we have a chance on bumping off #KathNielONASAPILoveYouDaBest as the number one trending topic in the PH. Can ABS-CBN, GMA and TV5 forget about the network wars and FOCUS ON THE COUNTRY?

    Secondly, did the Harapan debates air on ABS-CBN and not just on ANC? Dapat pinalabas din sa ABS-CBN because not everyone has cable and dapat sa oras na maraming nanonood! Can’t they sacrifice like one day of Showtime OR Kris TV and show a replay of it so that we won’t have to stay up all night just to see how our senatoriables weigh in on important issues like the FOI bill, Anti-Dynasty bill etc? WOULD IT KILL YOU TO STOP SHOWING NONSENSE FOR LIKE A FEW HOURS?!?!

    Also, can they stop reporting irrelevant news like when or how a certain celebrity voted? LIKE WHO THE FUCK CARES, REALLY. We get a year worth of Chika Minutes can we just focus on the elections? Jesus Christ.

    I was also very disappointed with how Mel and Mike interviewed senator candidate frontrunner, Grace Poe. “Anong nararamdaman mo, dapat galingan mo ha (with matching gaya sa commercial), sa tingin mo you’ll finish first” Ano to, Startalk? I MEAN, COME ON. CAN YOU ASK QUESTIONS LIKE WHAT’S YOUR FIRST AGENDA ONCE YOU BECOME SENATOR OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT.


Also feel free na mulatin ang mata ko kapag baluktot yung pananaw ko sa lyf


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