Coffee and Books on a Friday Afternoon

I dragged my little sister with me to UP to get UPCAT forms for my other sister. Unfortunately, UPCAT 2014 forms are still not available as of this writing. 😥

We went to Maginhawa so that Rose could try Dragon’s Breath @ Iscreamist but it was closed. We walked for a bit and tried The Coffee Way but that was closed as well. (WHEN DO YOU GUYS OPEN!!!) We walked for a few and chanced upon this quaint little cafe.

Cool Beans Cafe
Cool Beans Cafe at Maginhawa

You could tell they’re new because their menu was still written on manila paper. LOL. They serve coffees (hot and iced), frappuccinos, cookies, pasta and rice meals. We ordered the Hazelnut and Mocha frappuccino (P130 each) because it was so freaking hot.

The place was so cool and home-y! They’ve got couches for people who would want to be more chill and tables for people on srs biznes. The walls on the left were riddled with framed pictures, trinkets and faux-certificates. There were four huge bookshelves on the right, housing a wide assortment of books. They have photography books, Rolling Stone specials, classics like Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, and contemporary books like The Hunger Games. They’ve also got graphic novels, children’s books and I spied a Chemistry and Math book on one corner. It was heaven!

My sister and her book
My sister and her book
They've got quite a number of Archie's and Betty and Veronica's!!!
They’ve got quite a number of Archies and Betty and Veronicas!!!

My sister chose to read a Peter Pan novel while I explored book after book. There’s a book about Andy Warhol and pop art which I enjoyed since I think I’m having a pop art phase. (Exhibit A.) There’s also a collection of poems about and/or dedicated to dads! It’s a good read!

The frappes we ordered were okay. My sister and I will come back soon to give their rice meals a taste! Rose also wanted to go back so that she could read the Sherlock Holmes book next. (She finished the entire book in one sitting! I’m so proud!) Although their frappuccinos are a bit pricey (The Coffee Way’s are cheaper, if I remember correctly) but it was worth it because of the whole book reading experience! They don’t offer wifi yet but I hope they do soon! (And for free!)

All in all, Cool Beans fits right in the Maginhawa culture! Their playlist is also awesome as well, they played Death Cab for Cutie, The xx and Taylor Swift. Redg Seal of Approval. You should def check this place out!

Cool Beans Cafe is located at 67-A Maginhawa Street, Brgy. UP Village, Quezon City. It’s right across Holy Family School (near EastWest Bank) and is open from 3pm to 11pm for the summer (according to the sign outside!) You could take a look at the other items on their menu on their Facebook page!


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