Five Reasons Why Tegan and Sara’s Closer Is A Perfect Song

1. The overall message is just so mushy and teenager-y and sweet. It takes you back to a place where it’s okay to gush about your crush without feeling embarassed because you’re a fucking teenager, for chrissakes. (I still do that though, but I get a lot of judge-y looks from people LOL) See the lyric video here: clicky

All you think of lately is getting underneath me
All you think of lately is getting underneath me

2. I am in awe every single time Tegan and Sara perform this live. It is amazing! There’s something new and different every time they perform it live. This is my personal favorite, because they sound so much like their old selves but not-so-much since they’re singing a Heartthrob song.

Here are some of my other favorite live performances:

Live on KEXP | Bowers and Wilkin’s Sound Session | David Letterman guesting

3. Glee’s version is not so bad as well. Some fans may have been angry because it exposes T&S to a wider audience but you know what? FUCK DAT. Tegan and Sara have been busting their asses in the music industry since they were nineteen fucking years old. They deserve some mainstream recognition, goddamnit! So, thank you Glee! Also, I think you did a great job on the cover, so thanks for not murdering the best song of 2013.

Also, quick fact: Darren and T&S exchanged tweets about this song. I almost died out of fangirling.


4. The remixes are also amazing! I would definitely dance my ass of if it played in a club somewhere. It’s so perfect! I like Sultan and Shephard’s mix best. WHYYYY ARE YOU SO PERFECT, SONG?

5. It is sung by THE Tegan and Sara. Do you even know who these motherfuckers are? They’re the most amazing twins you’ll ever lay your eyes upon. They’re so talented, they play the guitar, the keyboard and the motherfucking xylophone. They do the most entertaining and adorable banter onstage AND THEY’RE BEEYOOTIFUL.

i love you
i love you

Also, they’re lesbians. I’M DONE.

marry me :(
marry me 😦

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