10 Guide Questions To Help Solve The Dilemma: Should You or Should You Not Make Out With This Person

  1. Is he/she single? If yes, then go ahead. The dating/flirting arena is very much like the Girl World as Cady Heron described in Mean Girls. It’s pretty much an eat or be eaten scenario. Funnily enough, that phrase also applies to making out. LOL (i am such a mature woman)
  2. In the case where the person you’d like to do IS single but has a thing with someone else…Is the the person he/she likes your friend? If it isn’t, the okay-ness of making out with this person might go up on the positive scale in the Should I Make Out With You Spectrum. Just as long as Mr./Ms. You’d Like To Bang keeps his/her mouth shut… then you’re good. (I firmly believe in the We Were On A Break Rule (see that Friends episode where Rachel and Ross broke up). It is not cheating if they aren’t together.)
  3. If the person he/she is dating IS your friend ask yourself: Will this fleeting moment of bodies bumping and grinding be worth it? 
  4. Is it worth leaving your friend alone in the dark, crying, never trusting anyone again? IS IT????
  5. If he/she is NOT single, it’s just the same thing. Refer to questions 2-4.
  6. Is he/she married? If yes, just… walk away. Button your shirt, stop trying to bat your eyelashes and leave. Okay? Just. Don’t do it. Period.
  7. Is he/she your type?
  8. If not, are you in the mood to make out and/or have sex with a person you’re not even attracted to?
  9. Do you hate yourself that much????? 
  10. Does he/she have bad breath? Is his/her morning breath/drunken alcohol breath bearable? If not, just don’t do it because IT IS NEVER NOT A BAD DECISION TO MAKE OUT WITH SOMEONE WITH AWFUL BREATH. EVEN IF THEY ARE HOT. (or have great boobs or a big weiner)

(this list may or may not have been specific to a certain point in my life)


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