What If It Never Happened


You wake up even before the alarm on your phone goes off. Today’s a big day! The both of you have been looking forward to this day for quite some time. Two weeks, in fact. Today is a day you get to brag about how awesome you guys are.


You leave home and take a tricycle. You’re running a bit late, mainly because you took an eternity in choosing what to wear. You want to look good when you see each other again. You bet that she also took forever in front of the mirror just for you.


Tegan and Sara is playing full-blast through your earphones. With eyes closed, you try to contain yourself in your seat. Only a few stations away before your mini-reunion!


You shiver as the cool air of the coffee shop’s AC envelop your body. She was seated at the corner with her friends. As if she somehow sensed you’ve already arrived, (or that’s what you tell yourself, because it’s more romantic than just by pure chance) her eyes find yours and she gave you a small smile and a wave.

You try not to break in to a run towards the chair beside her. Damn, girl. Be cool.

“Aga natin ah?”

You smirked and raised an eyebrow. “May reklamo ka?”

She looked away and you could just see the small smile forming on her lips.

“Tapusin ko lang ‘to, ha?”

She held your hand the entire time she was discussing with her classmates.

It’s a perfect start on your 51st.


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