Feelings Post on Tegan and Sara’s Heartthrob

Tegan and Sara finally released a new album after four years! I fell in love with this duo the first time when I heard them on Grey’s Anatomy (Where Does The Good Go?) and again on Veronica Mars (I Know, I Know, I Know) and I WAS SO EXCITED TO LISTEN TO THESE TWO AGAIN. ❤

Before anything else, yes, T&S virgins, Tegan and Sara are twins. And they’re lesbians. Here’s a couple of pictures to get you going.


Now, on to the track by track review!  (Or a track by track sharing of feelings)

Apparently, this album is heavily influenced by the music of the 80’s so let us please keep this in mind while listening to this album!

Tegan and Sara - Heartthrob


Play to listen to the album!

1. Closer
I want you close, I want you
I won’t treat you like you’re typical.

The first track kind of gives you an idea on what to expect on the whole album. A few seconds in to the song and you’d probably say… THIS IS SO NOT TEGAN AND SARA. What’s with the synthesizers? Well, it’s probably the 80’s influence, dumbass. Shut it and listen to it or a while. Yes, they’re doing their signature T&S wail. God, I missed that sound.

2. Goodbye, Goodbye
You never really knew me, never ever
Never ever saw me, saw me like they did

T&S have finally created a dance-worthy track that pack so much heartache in the lyrics. Thank you, music gods.

3. I Was A Fool
But stand still is all we did
Love like ours is never fixed

T&S slows it down with the 3rd track, which is a bit reminiscent of Nineteen. The exchange of (always) heartbreaking lines between T&S is also present in this track. Is that Sara playing on keyboards? Because if it is… then I luv u.

P.S. Here’s to betting that this would be well-played on TV shows.

4. I’m Not Your Hero
I’m not their hero
But that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t brave

And the 80’s pop music influence is back, along with the sentiments of the unsure. I know that Motion City Soundtrack doesn’t have a patent on singing about self-worth issues but I can’t help but remember them because of the lines of this song. Sorry, life.

5. Drove Me Wild
You clung to self restraint, you followed the plan
You put the brakes on this
And it drove me and it drove me and it drove me wild

This is my second favorite track off the album because Tegan and Sara just sings ‘wa-yuld’ so sexily. Also, can we just take a listen to the words of this song???? A song about two lovers being in love but the other is still unsure and decided to postpone the romance and the other just staying because she (or he, fine) is crazy about the other person??? Pure heartache.

P.S. Yes, I have a very wild imagination.

6. How Come You Don’t Want Me
I’ve nothing to show you,
I’ve nothing to hold you down.
It’s killing me to walk away.


First, can we just please commend how fucking perfect the first lines are? I can’t say that I’m sorry / Came so ahead of myself / I can’t say that I’m sorry / For loving you and hating myself So much self-hate is brought about by love, tbh. Ugh. And when we get to the bridge, One day, soon / I won’t be the one that waits on you, MY HEART JUST EXPLODES. Ugh, this hurts too much. I need a drink.

7. I Couldn’t Be Your Friend
I couldn’t be your friend
Even if I tried again

Definitely a post-break up song but I’m still figuring out what this song is about and whose point of view it is sung. (yes I do this to all of the songs I listen to I think I’m a bit crazy????)

8. Love They Say
The first time I saw your face I knew I was meant for you
The first time you said my name I knew I was meant for you

If the first lines won’t break your heart then you are a pitiful human being. This track reminds people why we should invent a time machine so that it is possiblt to to fall in love over and over again for the first time.

9. Now I’m All Messed Up
Now I’m all messed up
Sick inside wondering who
Whose life you’re making worthwhile

This track captures the feelings of the half of a friends with benefits relationship. Why people open themselves up to all kinds of crazy hurt and pain will forever remain a mystery, I guess. I’m just glad people can create amazing songs because of it. Also, the go (please stay) part of the song just kills me. 😦

10. Shock to Your System
What you are
What you are is lonely

The last track off the album sounds very much like the old Tegan and Sara (Like O, Like H, more specifically) and we are reminded once again why we are in love with these two perfect angels.
Overall, the album pays homage to the 80’s with a more electro-pop sound but it doesn’t fail to add that Tegan and Sara twist with its amazing and heartbreaking words and songs sung thick with emotions. It’s probably a record meant to attract the mainstream and that sucks for hardcore indie fans but who gives a shit, really? It’s a wonderful album with the sincerest lyrics. Only Tegan and Sara can pull this shit off. God, I love you two.


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