Life Lately: Superhero and Villains Conference, Family Date, and some


24 hours is not enough for a day. There’s so much movies to watch (thank you, screener season!), episodes to catch up on, parties to go to, and org work to manage! Oh, yeah, and there’s the acads stuff. LOL

Anyway here’s a quick recap of what I’ve been doing and where I’ve been to this 2013..

Last one from 2012… Superhero and Villains Conference with Usual People from high school! I went as a cross between Poison Ivy and a female Peter Pan. I should’ve dyed my hair red! MY GUT WAS TELLING ME TO GO FOR IT BUT MY WALLET WAS YELLING NO.

with Cheska! She won the best in costume award that night. :)
with Cheska! She won the best in costume award that night. 🙂

Family Dinner Date @ Trinoma


Patty, Lolo Russ, Boss, Gelo and I watched El Presidente at Trinoma! We were supposed to watch Sosy Problems for the heck of it but Lolo didn’t want to watch it. Boooo! El Presidente’s a good movie but it could’ve been better if they PORTRAYED ALL THE FACT AND DID NOT FAVOR AGUINALDO SO MUCH. (Bonifacio 5ever!)

Alone Time!

I watched three MMFF films for less than P20 because of Rose’s gift from our cousin! Sisterakas wasn’t as funny as people said it would be. So much disappointment. Thy Womb is a nice film, but I do get how it didn’t appeal to the masses. Still, the ending had me muttering expletives because I was already so in to the movie! Sosy Problems was okay. I think I enjoyed it better than Sisterakas because at least, I get to see gorgeous ppl in Sosy Problems.

011213: Attraction! Reaction! presents All Tomorrow’s Parties

Ang Bandang Shirley!
Ang Bandang Shirley!

Josef and I aren’t A!R! virgins anymore! Wild, wild, night! It was my first time to watch all those bands and omg Shirley was awesome I can’t put it in to words. 😦

MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK LIVE IN MANILA ON MARCH 9 AND Tammy AND I ALREADY HAVE TICKETS! MCS has been such a big part of my high school (and okay, a bit of my college) life and I can’t believe they’re actually going here in the PH! ugh SO MUCH MEMORIES AND FEELINGS WITH DAT BAND


011713-011813: Blood Guild blood drive at AS Alcove!

Blood Guild!
Blood Guild!

Managed to collect 90+ blood bags! So much people helped! Thank you to everyone who donated! 🙂

Impromptu Makati Dinner with Buddy Line!


Had dinner at Friday’s with Vince and Patty! So much Makati living dreams! I shall conquer you one day!

Phew! Only 19 days in 2013 and so much has already happened! Hope the following days (and months!) will just get better and better!


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