Of coffee and last dates.

The last date I had with him was in a semi-deserted Starbucks in Makati.

I can still remember the small details of that day.

It was a weekday. I know this because I went back to UP that day and attended my Chem 1 class. It was also in December because I remember that lady from Starbucks gave us stickers for their planner.

I was supposed to visit the Ayala Museum for my SEA 30 so I went with him in his car on his way to the office. You ordered two venti’s of something and cinnamon bread. Right. A pool of expensive coffee won’t erase your sins.

You read the paper and I stopped myself from crying by ‘studying’.


A few minutes after you’ve finished eating, you took a look at your watch and said you’ve got to go to work. I looked at you and I don’t know if my eyes looked sad or angry but I stared you down, as if daring you to start a fight.

You hugged and kissed me goodbye and walked out.


Anak, alam mo na ha. Hindi ako uuwi ng weekends. Kaya tulungan mo mommy mo sa bahay.


Okay po.


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