2012 Music, Movies and TV Series Highlights

Is it kind of sad that instead of memories as highlights I’m blogging about TV series and albums? WAIT, let me answer that for you. IT IS NOT!!!!!!! I am living proof that you could still #liveyolife and be completely addicted to TV series and whatnot. Here’s a quick list of what laptop and iTunes has been like in 2012.

2012 in Music

  • Best Coast – The Only Place (fave tracks: No One Like You, How They Want Me To Be, Up All Night)
  • Wild Nothing – Nocturne (fave tracks: Nocturne, This Chain Won’t Break)
  • Motion City Soundtrack – Go (fave tracks: True Romance, Son of a Gun, The Worst Is Yet To Come, Floating Down The River) Here’s a track by track review I wrote earlier in the year. Link~
  • One Direction – Take Me Home (fave tracks: Live While We’re Young, Little Things, Summer Love)
  • Nicki Minaj – Roman Reloaded (fave tracks: Beez in the Trap, Champion, Right By My Side)
  • Chris Brown – FAME (fave tracks: Yeah 3x, Next 2 You, All Back, Wet the Bed, Oh My Love, Should’ve Kissed You)
  • The XX – Coexist (fave tracks: Chained, Angels, Fiction)
  • Rihanna – Unapologetic (fave tracks: Diamonds, Numb, Nobody’s Business)
  • Taylor Swift – Red (Red, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, The Last Time)
  • Ang Bandang Shirley – Tama Na Ang Drama (Tama Na Ang Drama, Iyong, Nakauwi Na, ‘Di Na Babalik, Taksil)
  • Beach Fossils – Clash The Truth (Taking Off, Crashed Out)

it’s been a good year for my itunes!!!!!

2012 in Movies (here’s a complete list of the movies I watched this 2012! Clicky~ I think I’ll try to do this again this 2013!)

  • Temptation Island (Remake) – Marian Rivera in all her awesomeness!
  • Real Steel – I’m only including this movie in the list to tell you that HUGH JACKMAN’S FIRST LINE IN THE MOVIE IS ANYARE.
  • Battle Royale – BLOOD. BLOOD ALL OVER.
  • The Hunger Games – I’m sorry but JOSH HUTCHERSON. Peeta cmere I’m gonna let you in my oven. #wat
  • Blue Valentine – Probably one of the saddest movies I’ve ever seen. 😦
  • Flipped – FEEL GOOD MOVIE but I cried in this one because I am an emotional wreck.
  • Art of the Devil II and A Serbian Film – Two movies that capped off my birthday celebration. LOL
  • Ang Nawawala – I totally do not regret seeing this in theatres. ❤ LUV IT.
  • Looper – Watched this on the last day of 2012 and OH MY GOD. I think my brain just melted. I still think Memento’s mindfuck is better (or much worse?) though.

Important movies I haven’t watched this year: The Avengers (I’M SORRY OKAY????), Dark Shadows (I’m sorry Chloe Moretz),  The Amazing Spiderman (I’m sorry Emma Stone), 21 Jump Street, Lorax, Ted, Dictator, American Reunion, Rock Ages, Snow White and the Huntsman, Brave, Magic Mike, Paranorman, Taken 2, Perks of Being A Wallflower (Sorry Emma Watson), Rise of the Guardians, Magic Mike (I’M SORRY MATT BOMER’S ASS), Celeste and Jesse Forever


2012 in TV Series

  • Game of Thrones – Blackwater episode!1!!! TYRION!
  • Sherlock – I watched this during the summer and OH MY GOD ALL THE FEELINGS
  • Once Upon A Time – Summer marathon with Hannah!
  • Awkward – Finally watched this due to my friends’ incessant nagging. Charot. TEAM JAKE 5EVER.
  • Suits – Migz gave me a copy of both seasons and DONNA!
  • The Newsroom – This is one spontaneous download I don’t regret. ❤ WillxMackenzie!
  • Fringe – Don’t hate me I’m still in season 2! *hides from disbelieving fans*
  • Revenge – Finally started watching this one. I AM SO TORN IF I SHOULD ROOT FOR EMILY OR VICTORIA.
  • Gossip Girl (SERIES FINALE!!!) – SPOILERS AHEAD!!! Skip this part if you haven’t watched the finale!

This is one show I’ve so many mixed feelings for. I hate you because I love you! I absolutely LOVED the Gossip Girl reveal. I still feel that Dan and Blair should’ve ended up together. 😦 Also, KRISTEN BELL MADE AN APPEARANCE IN ALL OF HER MANAS-NESS.

  • The Usuals AKA How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy – HIMYM and Modern Family has been disappointing but Grey’s Anatomy just suckerpunches you every freaking episode.

There is a lack of Community in this list and I am not happy about it. 😦

So there! Phew. I can’t believe I listen and watch so much stuff! I’ll try to get back in reading books in 2013. 🙂 Only an hour and a half left in 2012 so I might squeeze in watching Yes or No 2. HIHIHI. Happy holidays, everyone!


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