A Thank You Entry to All of The Special People In My Life 2012

There’s only a few hours left in 2012 and I would just like to say thank you to the most wonderful people in the world for accepting (or tolerating??) my infinite number of quirks and weirdness.

Friendsssss! Hannah, Patty, Vince and Gelo thank you for all the weirdness, couture, advice and everything in between! My 2012 would be boring without you YOLO-ERS hahaha! To a better year for all of us! I love you so much I can’t put it into words!


UP Red Cross Youth! I love you, Mother Org! First and only org in my heart. ❤ Even though we’ve had (and still having??) our fair share of drama I know we all do it to make the org better. To a better year for UP RCY full of service. ❤


SPLASH! Thank you for bringing more color in to my life! That crazy day in Splash Island will forever be in my memory. Isa paaaaaaaa!! La Union sa summer!


High School friends (Rotact and Usual People!) Almost four years after graduation and still, here we are! Code switch kasi special kayo! Alam kong nagkakapikunan na kapag nagp-plano ng mga lakad (San tayo? Kayo bahala. Kahit san.) pero alam kong mahal natin ang isa’t-isa. HAHAHA Salamat sa fun parties, kainan, get togethers, inuman, lahat-lahat na! NEXT YEAR MAY TRABAHO NA YUNG IBA SA INYO BUHAYIN NIYO NA KAMING ‘DI PA GGRADUATE! Haha! Luv u all and luv our friendship!

missing one crazy person (Clar luv u!)
missing one crazy person (Clar luv u!)
Superheroes Conference with Usual People! <3
Superheroes Conference with Usual People! ❤

And of course, my family! I’m proud of us that we got through another year together. Kahit irita ako sa mga kapatid ko oks lang basta magkakasama tayo. Hihi.

ma famille!

And to everyone I failed to mention here! Especially online friends, Twitter friends, GE friends, PANPIL FRIENDS, I love you and thank you for reading my blog. CHAROT. Hahahaha! Thanks for tolerating my online kadaldalan!

All in all, 2012 has taught me a lot about life, and friendship and forgiveness and all those other mushy stuff. I’m still learning and thinking about all the other loose ends and I’m not closing any doors on anyone.

I’m pretty optimistic about 2013. Not going to blog anything about so I won’t jinx it. Fingers crossed ’til midnight! Thank you, blogosphere for never complaining about my rants!


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