Rotact Sembreak 2k12! (From Subic to Laguna to … Quezon City)

This is must have been the most frustrating planning of events I’ve experienced with Rotact. I’m not kidding.

At the end of 2011, we made a pact to save P5 a day so that we could go somewhere far away for sembreak. Of course, fate wasn’t on our side. After plate problems, money problems, parental problems, date problems, and typhoon problems we ended up staying in the metro (!!!!!!).

A moment of silence for all of the plans that did not push through this sembreak.

Yes, I am still very disappointed that our Subic turned Laguna dreams weren’t realized. /creys Also, I gave up going to Puerto Galera with my college friends (I’M SO SORRY I FAILED YOU GUISE) for this. HUHUHUHU

Nevertheless, three days and two nights with 4/9 Rotact members in attendance was still fun. We stayed the entire morning at Rio’s and then took a cab (IT WAS RAINING HARD) to Maginhawa. I took them to Iscreamist, which has been gaining popularity recently from  Manila students. *sigh* Why are these Manila kids invading Maginhawa? #QCelitism

Just a normal picture…
Dragon’s Breath!!!


Naida and Rio tried their Toasted Marshmallow ice cream which was way overpriced for us. 135 bucks???

We walked to The Burger Project to get dinner. It took us a while to decide on what to order since we all tried to compute whether it’s cheaper if we just created our own burger. LOL

Burger Project
Yey us

Played King’s Cup. DRUNK!TAMMY is my favorite version of Tammy. Hahaha! Also, I was the first one to sleep and the last one to wake up. Niiiiice, Redg.

We went to Town and Country the morning after. We bought all our stuff from SM Masinag (which, I found out that day, was a part of Antipolo!!) and had dinner at Mang Inasal. I, being immensely sporty, bought a frisbee so that we could do something the following day. Taboo, London Olympics and Awkward for the rest of the night.


Naida and I woke up early to prepare breakfast and then we all fulfilled our swimming dreams!!!! We played frisbee while swimming and I think Rio finally found her sport. HEHEHE.

Thank you friends and Cruz and Roque family for a wonderful 3 days and 2 nights!!!!

All photos are from Rio’s camera. Heee. More pichas here. Clicky clicky~


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