Manila Adventure (ft. Friendsssss)!

We braved the wild and dangerous streets of Manila once again last October 23 to visit the National Museum! 🙂 Entrance fee was free for the whole month of October to celebrate Museum and Galleries Month. 🙂 Heee.

A trip to Manila always entails sweat, smoke and… suffering. LOL. In LRT Line 1, it’s really annoying that they put markers on where the door’s supposed to stop, but it does not really mean anything since it changes every other train! We found out about this when we managed to not get on  three trains in a row due to so many people. Haha.

Gelo treated us to Brooklyn Pizza at Rob Manila. That mall is huuuuuuuge!

All pictures are from Vince! 🙂

Brooklyn Pizza aka Ghetto Pizza Place

After eating lunch, we decided to walk to the National Museum instead of taking a jeep since Gelo (our resident Manila tour guide) said it’s walk-able. We passed by UP Manila’s College of Arts and Sciences and decided to take a tour inside.


It was so different from UP Diliman! Gelo took us to his first classroom when we was a freshman, to their ‘canteen’, etc. Oh, and there were students playing volleyball in the lobby. Let that sink in for a moment. LOL

We decided to act like tourists and took pictures in front of the Supreme Court, the playground in Rizal Park, Lapu-Lapu’s gigantic statue and the Department of Tourism.

Oh yeah, baby, Supreme Court.

Click for more pichas and maturity!

“Pa-picture tayo dun kay Magellan!”

We arrived at the first building of the National Museum (Museum of the Filipino People) at around 3PM. Since the museum closes at 5, we were such in a hurry to appreciate everything!

Just a quick high fashaun photo
Long ago…

We went to the other building (the one with the Spolarium) and acted like mature adults.

We tried to copy the Spolarium ala that viral family photo but we were told it’s prohibited 😦
You don’t mess with us

Watch out for our video acting like crazy people.


It was so tiring to run (or slide?) from one gallery to another! Too bad some of the other galleries were closed. 😦 We then went to SM Manila and treated ourselves to some KFC. 🙂

More photos of what happened during our Manila Adventure here. 🙂

Mind Museum, you’re next!!!!


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