BandAge Revival, Banapple Dinner, and Climax Induction

September 28, 2012

Mindflick Quiz Bee by PsychSoc (pictures here) which sucked major balls. 😦 We knew most of the answers during the first part but we didn’t get to answer because we had to get to the the buzzer before all the other teams. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO~

UP Red Cross Youth’s BandAge: Revival @ Freedom Bar, Anonas! Stayed until the very end and got myself a little bit drunk. Hihi.

Pictures from Bea Dalumpines! 😀

Friends and Friends!
Patty and I! Hihi


October 13, 2012

Banapple dinner with the usual people from high school! 🙂 I brought a camera with me but I was too lazy to take some pictures. Met up with Honey, Gette, Naida and Jamie @ Moonleaf Katipunan and took a cab to Banapple.

I had a near-death experience when we tried to cross the road from the old Banapple to the new one. Thank you, Kuya Guard for helping us get across only on one road. LOL.

So, pictures! Hihi these are from Gian! 🙂

Yay friends and others~

We were all undecided on where to go after dinner, which resulted to bad vibes. Sobrang irita lahat ng tao. Hahahaha. Fate weren’t very kind to us that night and we all went home disappointed and a couple of bucks poorer for nothing. (Bat ba kasi walang jeep papuntang Katip Ext. huhu)

October 17, 2012

Batch Climax Induction @ Novaliches! Seriously, who lives there? It’s so far from everything! LOL Quezon City Superiority Complex. Hahaha. Anyway, Patty, Hannah and I went as sims. Hihi. Pictures from Bea! 🙂

UP RCY’s 1st Sem CORE MEMBERS hahaha
Congrats, Climax! 🙂

Got super drunk but still took a dip in the pool. I woke up the next day with my shirt and shorts changed. L O L 😮 Thank you, orgmate who took care of me! I luff you!

Stayed until 7ish at Patty’s and prepared Gelo’s birthday gift. Hihi.
Wow, I didn’t realize I’ve been that busy the past few weeks! Sigh. I love you, Sembreak!


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