Life Lately: And we’re back


My grades came out and I now declare (and I know I always say this)  that this semester is my most patapon one so far. My other patapon sems ain’t got nuthin on this one. Ugh. If I only exerted just a little bit of effort… (insert regrets)

I got all of my major classes but failed to enlist in that ever evasive Socio 101 class. I’ve been enlisting that class for four sems now! RAGE

(Obligatory update on my life like you care) So far, the first part of my sembreak included

  • trying and failing to catch up with Fringe (still in the first season I SUCK HUHU), watching The Newsroom, and downloading the first three seasons of Breaking Bad and the entire Veronica Mars series
  • Banapple dinner with Usual People
  • UP RCY Batch Climax Induction
  • Manila Adventure Time with Vince, Patty, Hannah and Gelo
  • Rotact Sembreak 2k12

Each one deserves its own blog entry so, tomorrow? I AM DEAD TIRED


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