Happy birthday, mother org! <3

I joined UP Red Cross Youth because Nica wanted someone to join with her. Nadamay lang ako. I just a freshie back then, trying to make sense of Math why it’s so damn hard this time around. Now, here I am in another course, almost four years after and I’m still in UP RCY.

Sumali din ako ng RCY kasi parang ang gwapo ng pangalan eh. UP Red Cross Youth. Taga-UP ka na nga, part ka pa ng isang worldwide organization. O diba. Sobrang gwapo pa ilagay sa resume. Parang feeling mo ang dami mo nang ginawa na may katuturan kasi UP RCY ka.

UP Red Cross Youth gave me the opportunity to help people and touch lives. Every medical mission, every blood drive, every fund-raising project helped me reach out to complete strangers for a moment in time. Just this year, after the Habagat, I joined the Soup Kitchen andserved 200+ kids hot soup and sandwiches. The way kids would thank you and sometimes even fight over the food you’re giving just makes my heart swell with love and pain.

I did not have an excuse to be idle because of this org. I was always doing something, and although that might be too much of a hassle sometimes (finals week ft. org work = A N Y A R E) it’s still worth it in the end.

UP Red Cross Youth gave me stories I’ll tell my future kids and grandkids. I’ll tell them about that one time when we bathed in fake blood and committed to our characters during mass casualty simulations. I’ll tell them about how passionate and emotional everyone gets during post-event evaluations.

UP Red Cross Youth introduced to me a whole bunch of crazy people that have made me laugh, cry and shake my fists in the air out of frustration. This org introduced me to (probably) the most brilliant people in UP. My college life will not be half as enjoyable without UP Red Cross Youth. With this org, I met the most wonderful people to spend my college life with, and for that, I will forever be thankful. ❤


Happy birthday, mother org! ❤ I love you!!!!!!


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