One Nation for Sanitation: How You Can Help

I woke up at around 11AM to the news that the rain still hasn’t stopped since last night. My Facebook and Twitter feeds have been filled with nothing pleas for rescue and updates on what’s been going on all over the country (except for a few Noah’s Ark and RH Bill comments but that isn’t important). It sucks that the only thing I contributed today was information dissemination. I bet some of my friends are feeling as helpless as I am. Well, here’s one concrete way on helping out!


One Nation for Sanitation
One Nation for Sanitation

One Nation for Sanitation 
is a campaign that aims to address the problem of diseases and health hazards in make-shift evacuation centers.
We recognize that health and physical well-being are as important as food, clothing, and water.

Donate through:
BPI-Family | UP Red Cross Youth | 7533-0074-43
BDO | MYREP REALTY | 10201823

For transparency and accountability purposes, all donors are highly encouraged to fill-up a form that will “register” their donations publicly. The form can be seen here:

Go on! Tell your titos and titas, ninongs and ninangs and other relatives about this campaign! When we were little, we were all taught how cleanliness goes a long way. Join us in helping our fellow Filipinos avoid health hazards! 🙂

The One Nation for Sanitation is a coordinated campaign between UP Red Cross Youth, San Beda College Student Council, University of the East Student Council, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila Student Council, University of Santo Tomas Central Student Council, Manila Tytana Colleges Student Council, University of the Philippines-Diliman Engineering Student Council, Colegio San Juan de Letran-Manila Student Council, Mapua-Makati Red Cross Youth, and Bedan Volunteers.


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